The Joomla AuthorizeNet choice!

When a Joomla visitor uses their credit card on your Joomla website, Authoriznet provides the best solution because it's secure, fast and affordable.

Since 1996, Authorize.Net has been a leading provider of payment gateway services, owned by the CyberSource Corporation collectively  processed over 1.billion transactions in 2007, representing $65 billion of e-commerce.

Authorizenet is extremely affordable for your Joomla site, whether it be to use with Virtuemart, or for a membership site, downloadables -- whatever your Joomla online credit card processing needs.  Contact us for details!.

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Authorizenet enables Joomla websites to efficiently and effectively manage their online credit card transactions. Authorizenet is a secure real-time internet transaction-processing gateway. Joomla Merchants use Authorizenet to submit, authorize, capture, and settle credit card and ACH transactions without the need for separate transaction terminal or processing software. It all happens in real time, with your customers' credit cards being charged within seconds, providing them with the same secure credit card processing experience as in major websites.

Authoriznet's back end has many tools and features that assist merchants in managing their online transactions. From fraud protection to importing into your accounting programs, Authoriznet is your best choice. Contact us today.

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AUTHORIZENET FEATURES (Works with most Joomla E-Commerce extensions.
Quick Approval Issue refunds
Secure Server (SSL) Void transactions
Easy installation on your Joomla website Fast setup
Seconds to complete a transaction Recurring billing
Accepts checks and credit cards View your transactions online

Authorizenet is the best choice for Virtuemart and
other Joomla (including Joomla 1.5 components)

DEAL #1: The Transaction Group's Rates WITH Authorize.Net
Visa / MC Discount Rate: 2.20% Authorize.Net Gateway Fee: $15.00 / .10
Transaction Fee: $0.20 Bank Fee: $10.00
Application Fee: waived Monthly Minimum: waived
Cancellation Fees: waived Authorize.Net license fee WAIVED
DEAL #2: Authorize.Net Only - using your own Merchant Account
Authorize.Net Gateway Fee: $19.95 / .10
Bank Fee: $10.00
Monthly Minimum: waived
Authorize.Net license fee waived


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By employing Authorizenet your Joomla website visitors can submit, authorize, capture, and settle credit card and ACH transactions without the need for a separate transaction terminal or processing software. It's an all-in-one Joomla solution!

In addition, internet merchants that use AuthorizeNet as their credit card online processing solution have the ability to accept credit cards real time and securely through their Joomla website, as well as manually process transactions through a virtual terminal. So you can easily sell your Joomla products and services both online and at other other non-internet physical locations such as events, fairs, conventions, etc. And, because The Transaction Group is a full-service merchant account company, if you wish to purchase a credit card machine we have them available too.

For questions and comments, contact us toll Free: 888-383-8056, or use this form.

  • No application fees
  • No setup fees
  • No monthly minimum
  • Free American Express setup
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 24 hour approval